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Welcome!  Thank you for visiting the Reliability Centered Maintenance knowledge base.  This page contains links to many Reliability Centered Maintenance resources designed to improve your knowledge and skill.  We add new pages and resources often so stay current and please click here to sign up for our weekly email newsletters & Maintenance-Tips.

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Implementing RCM Based Maintenance in a Large, Diverse, International Conglomerate
The Seven Questions of Reliability Centered Maintenance
RCM – A Biomedical Engineering Experience
Why Remediation of CMMS Data is Essential to Reliability-Centered Maintenance
RCM in Uncharted Waters
Lockheed Martin’s Classical RCM on a 30-Ton Overhead Crane
How the RCM Scorecard Morphed into The RCM Project Manager’s Guide
Condition Based Maintenance Gap Analysis
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Focusing RCM To Maximize Return on Investment
Reliability Centered Maintenance Meets Enterprise Asset Management – Avoiding the Disconnect
Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM) - Implementation Made Simple
The Maintenance Effectiveness Review
RCM Lesson Learned by Mac Smith
Reliability-centered Maintenance and Enterprise Asset Management systems (EAM)
Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM) in the Facilities Environment – New and Existing Buildings
RCM, the Navy Way for Optimal Submarine Operations
Reliability Centered Maintenance Managers' Don't Gamble on Results
The Age of the RCM Analyst
Leveraging Parallel Work Identification Strategies to Achieve Rapid Results
RCM in the Public Domain: An Overview of the US Naval Air Systems Command’s RCM process
RCM & Purac America
Reliability Centered Maintenance Online by Terrence O'Hanlon, CMRP
The Complimentary Roles Of Reliability-Centered Maintenance and Condition Monitoring By Richard Overman, M.S., CMRP Chief RCM Engineer and Roger Collard, CMRP Reliability Engineer Advanced Information Engineering Services (formerly Veridian)
Can RCM and “Streamlined” RCM peacefully co-exist? by Murray Wiseman (Extracted from Reliability-Centered Knowledge) 

The Elusive P-F Curve by Murray Wiseman (Extracted from Reliability-Centered Knowledge) 

J. Moubray coined the phrase  "P-F interval". He used it to highlight two pre-requisites of CBM, namely:

  1. A clear indicator of decreased failure resistance - the potential failure, and
  2. A reasonably consistent warning period prior to functional failure - the P-F interval

 Both these requirements are captured in the well known empirical graph of failure resistance versus working age

When and How to Template An RCM Analysis
by Douglas J Plucknette – President, Reliability Solutions, Inc.

RCM Blitz™ is a Reliability Tool designed to develop a complete maintenance strategy for a process or piece of equipment.  When implemented this maintenance strategy will help to ensure the inherent designed reliability of any process or asset.  Performing an RCM analysis takes an investment in time and resources to complete so I always advise my clients to follow the RCM Blitz™ process to ensure the equipment they have selected to analyze will show a return on their investment dollars.

More...Click here to read When and How to Template An RCM Analysis

Reliability-Centered Maintenance
By Anthony M. Smith

In this chapter, we will introduce the basic concepts that constitute what is known as Reliability-Centered Maintenance. Initially, however, we will briefly discuss how PM has evolved in the industrial world, and most importantly, we will look at how one of the basic tenets of reliability engineering—the “bathtub curve”—can and should influence the formulation of PM tasks. Next, we will look at how the commercial aviation industry was historically the motivating force behind the creation of the RCM methodology during the Type Certification process for the 747 aircraft in the 1960s. Finally, we will itemize the four basic features that constitute the necessary and sufficient conditions or principles that define RCM, and discuss some of the cost-benefit considerations that can accrue through the use of RCM.

More...Click here to read Chapter 4 of Reliability-Centered Maintenance (117k pdf)

Business Centered Maintenance Management

Many articles have been written about Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM) and the need to rigidly follow the analytical approach, developed by Nowlan and Heap for new commercial aircraft, to safeguard their essential functions - until sufficient operating data to maintain it correctly is available.  Proponents of this rigid approach, ignore the significant differences that exist between the various industries from a design and operating viewpoint. In many cases, if not understood, these differences doom RCM to failure.

This manual presents a customized methodology and key learning points that take cognizance of these differences and provides the user with a platform for rapid implementation and sustainment that adds profit and cost improvement within a short timeframe. Other benefits that have accrued using this customized approach are the emergence of a powerful continuous improvement ethic based on locally developed root cause analysis techniques and the ability to realize a CMMS return on investment e.g. SAP.

More...Click here to read Business Centered Maintenance Management (234k .pdf)

Moving from a Repair-Focused to a Reliability-Focused Culture
Sandy Dunn, Director, Assetivity Pty Ltd

This paper will discuss the five key elements required to successfully transition from a traditional, repair-focused organizational culture, to a proactive, reliability-focused culture, and reap the rewards of increased performance of both equipment and people.

• Ensuring a Long-Term Strategic Focus
• Aligning Reward Systems with Strategic Goals
• Better Integration between Production and Maintenance
• Creating Opportunities for Teamwork and Organizational Learning
Strong, Committed Leadership

Based on our experience, most culture change initiatives will fail without all of these elements being present.

Most maintenance organizations are looking to move their culture from a repair-focused culture to a reliability-focused organization – but what are the characteristics of each of these types of culture?

More...Click here to read Moving from a Repair-focused to a Reliability-focused Culture (105k .pdf)

RCM Success Starts with CMMS
Ruth Olszewski, CMMS data group, inc.

The degree to which RCM analysis can contribute to profitability is directly variable with the quality and accuracy of the CMMS data on which the analysis is based.  Because the technique is rigorous, its over-use will defeat the purpose and lead to cost overruns instead of savings.  The way to optimize the RCM return is to apply the analysis strictly to the equipment and systems that will pay off from it, and to know this we must rely on the CMMS.  This paper provides guidance for ensuring that the equipment data and history residing in a CMMS are complete and accurate; so that RCM analysis will be a success and positively impact a company’s bottom line, not hurt it.

More...Click here to read RCM Success Starts with CMMS (186k pdf)

RCM Facilitation Strategies
By Douglas J. Plucknette, Reliability Solutions Inc.

Anyone who has participated or facilitated an RCM analysis knows this can be a major undertaking for a business.  If the process is not facilitated in an effective manor, the team can become frustrated and the analysis can drag on forever.  The key to keeping the process on track is knowing about then applying effective RCM facilitation strategies.  For this article I will list in order of preference, several facilitation strategies along with the benefits and drawbacks of each strategy.

More...Click here to read RCM Facilitation Strategies (143k pdf)

Starting & Maintaining a Successful RCM Effort
By Douglas J. Plucknette,
Reliability Solutions Inc.

As a Manufacturing Reliability Consultant, I am often asked by clients “How do we make sure our RCM program doesn’t become the program of the month”?  I always give the same answer a proven formula that has worked well for many clients, Plan – Measure – Train – Perform – Implement and Communicate.  Follow this formula without skipping any steps and RCM will become a way of life for your business and not “The program of the month”.

More...Click here to read Starting & Maintaining a Successful RCM Effort (151k pdf)

Failure Curves
Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM) Scorecard
Corrective Maintenance Task Generation by Robert Apelgren
Reliability Improvement For The New Millennium (100k pdf)
Maintenance Analysis of the Future: PM Optimization (136k pdf)
The Hidden Plant (321k .pdf)
Beyond “No Scheduled Maintenance”
The Business Case For Reliability   
Achieve World-Class Production Through Reliability 
Comparing PMO and RCM Methods of Maintenance Analysis 
How to Set Up a Reliability Management System
Successful RCM - the Critical Factors 
Catastrophe On An Industrial Scale
Tools to Focus on Plant Reliability 
Make Time for Reliability  
Reliability-based approaches to maintenance 
Precision Based Reliability 
Future of Condition Monitoring, Computerized Maintenance and Plant Reliability & Maintenance
It is the year 2020 and...
50 Years of Reliability

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