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Welcome!  Thank you for visiting the Plant Shutdown and Plant Turnaround knowledge base.  This page contains links to many Plant Shutdown and Plant Turnaround resources designed to improve your knowledge and skill.  We add new pages and resources often so stay current and please click here to sign up for our weekly email newsletters & Maintenance-Tips.

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Starting-Up Reliable Plants
Use a Project to Change to a Proactive Culture!
An iPresentation Tutorial by Kevin Lewton, Met Demand LLC

In order to manufacture and produce, the first of many start-ups must occur.

This is the most hazardous time because neither the equipment nor the operators are proven. If the correct care and attention is given to the first startup, the learning's can be used for subsequent shutdowns and startups. Join Kevin Lewton in a 15 minute iPresentation Tutorial to review how experience and expertise gained by plant operators and maintenance technicians during this time will lead to improvements in the equipment and future performance.


This material is excerpted from Practical Management for Plant Turnarounds and is used by permission from the author, John A. McLay.  Click here if you would like to purchase your own copy.

Practical Management for Plant Turnarounds
by John A. McLay, P. Eng., R.E.T., P.E.


Plant shutdowns for scheduled major maintenance work are the most expensive and time-consuming of maintenance projects because of the loss of production and the expense of the turnaround itself. They can be complex; and as the complexity increases, they become more costly and difficult to manage. A plant shutdown always has a negative financial impact. This negative impact is due to both loss of production revenue and a major cash outlay for the plant turnaround and shutdown expenses. The positive side is not as obvious; therefore, it is often over looked. The positive impacts are an increase in equipment asset reliability, continued production integrity, and a reduction in the risk of unscheduled outages or catastrophic failure.

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Courtesy of Industrial Press, publishers of this and many other fine books on maintenance management and related fields.

Selling Planning, Coordination, and Scheduling to Management and Operations By Don Nyman and Joel Levitt

How can the crucial maintenance functions of planning, coordination and scheduling be sold to management and how can all departments be convinced to follow the procedures necessary to capture the full benefit of planning and scheduling? The first challenge is to gain managerial approval to fund planner positions, train the staff, and build databases of crucial support information. The second challenge is to gain true commitment from Operations, Purchasing, Storeroom, and other organizational units.

More...Click here to read Selling Planning, Coordination, and Scheduling to Management and Operations (38k pdf)

Planning and Scheduling In A Lean Maintenance Environment
By Randy Heisler, Life Cycle Engineering, Inc.

With many companies facing global competition all areas of their organizations are being analyzed. In order to compete, companies are looking for ways to cut waste throughout their processes. Many have begun Lean Manufacturing initiatives to streamline their operations. Operators are being asked to perform equipment maintenance such as routine cleaning, equipment inspections, adjustments, and minor repairs. As part of these initiatives, the overall maintenance process is also being analyzed. How will the maintenance department, which is minimally sized, function in this new environment? What types of waste can be eliminated? Is the Preventive Maintenance program optimized? Is the proper Predictive Maintenance program in place? How will planning and scheduling be affected? Proper planning and scheduling practices will help address many of these issues.

More...Click here to read Planning and Scheduling In A Lean Maintenance Environment (190k pdf)

Refining the Project Planning Process
by Bernard Ertl

Project planning lays the foundation for your project management success. Quality project planning enables project managers to derive useful information for making decisions to achieve safety, time and budget goals. Poor project planning incapacitates project management from using any analytical process to achieve the same goals. It is the "garbage in, garbage out" axiom at work. Therefore, the planning stage for any project should be given as much attention as possible.

More...Click here for Refining the Project Planning Process (40k pdf)

Contractor Management Controls
There Is No Tradeoff Between Empowering and Scheduling
Click here to evaluate your Maintenance Planning Process (pdf)
Selling Planning, Coordination, and Scheduling to Management and Operations (38k pdf)
Beyond “No Scheduled Maintenance” New!
Overall Equipment Effectiveness Excerpt - Shutdown Management New!
Planning and Scheduling
Failing to Plan Negates Maintenance Efficiency 
Backlog Management
Work Order Prioritization
Work Flow
Work Order Execution and Data Capture  
The Operational Reliability Maturity Continuum:
A Series by Dave Army and Ralph Hedding of Strategic Asset Management Inc.

Part 1: Work Identification
Part 2: Prioritization
Part 3: Long Range Scheduling
Part 4: Look Ahead Scheduling
Part 5: Materials Management
Part 6: Preventive Maintenance
Part 7: Planning & Planners

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